Chef John Castro might not be a household name but if you’ve been in Louisville for a while you’ve probably eaten his food or food from someone that he has taught. John Castro was a Chef instructor at Sullivan University for a number of years and is the co-creator of Yang Kee Noodle, the pan-asian bistro that is in the Oxmoor Mall, Middletown Commons and soon to be at the space previously occupied by KFC-Eleven in the Highlands.

John Castro has a mind for design and it shows in his restaurant spaces. He also has a go-with-the-flow attitude that can be seen in the different ways that he has achieved success. Our chat was fantastic and my take away would have to be quite simple- have a good attitude in everything you do. Be thankful for every situation that you are in. A positive attitude and gratitude radiates, is picked up by others, and in many cases is given right back to you.

Take a listen right here for the full hour and a half podcast. It’s a long listen but well worth it!

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