I reached out to Cynthia Williams because I came across social media posts for her new endeavor, 502 Fit Pass and thought it was a fantastic idea. Turns out she is a pretty cool person that is enthusiastic about helping make it easy and fun for people to get fit and stay fit. And if you look outward from there, the more fit people are then the more engaged they are in life, which can lead to more personal and business growth in general.

With 502 Fit Pass, the thing that really intrigues me is the range of activities that you can do- from yoga to cross fit to spinning and more, you can spice up your workout and keep it fun and interesting really easy.

In this episode of the #502LeaderSeries we chat with Cynthia and learn about the Fit Pass program, what inspires her, keeps her motivated and more. Check it out directly in the post below, click HERE for iTunes or HERE for Google Podcasts.

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