I was able to sit down with Mark Hogg from Waterstep International a few weeks ago. Mark is the CEO of this great organization that works to bring clean water to people around the world. I thought this was especially fitting to post today on Thanksgiving. It is amazing how much we take for granted because of the country that we live in. Basic necessities that we take for granted, such as clean, abundant water, can be extremely difficult to come by in other parts of the world.

Did you know that the average person in Africa will walk 6.2 miles every day in order to procure drinking water? And that water is largely polluted and could cause them great harm by drinking it. But that is the only choice they have. Waterstep aims to make the water in these areas cleaner by way of their filtering and chlorination systems. Their slogan is “saving lives with safe water” and they are passionate about this.

Take a listen to this talk and learn more about how Mark leads their team of works and volunteers and how he was guided into this great cause. You can donate your time or even a pair of shoes to this great organization. Learn more about how they raise money by collecting used shoes hereStop in and take a tour- they’d love to show you how their process works!

Listen on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/502leaderseries-mark-hogg/id969069436?i=356446310&mt=2

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