In this episode we were fortunate to sit down with Kentucky Derby winning jockey Pat Day. Pat Day, for many, is a household name. He is one of the winningest jockeys ever to ride a horse. The horses he has ridden have amassed nearly $300 million in winnings. He has also succumbed to the darkest places that success takes so many. He was one of the lucky ones who was able to pull himself out.

The conversation I had with Pat Day showed me a man that is incredibly steadfast in his faith. He is a self proclaimed evangelist and his faith radiates in everything he does. Religion can be a tough subject for many people to talk about but the underlying message that Pat Day gives is one of positivity. It is a message to build people up, live by the golden rule and leave everything and everyone better than you found it.

His wife, Sheila, runs a great non-profit for single moms called Mom’s Closet Resource Center. Check them out on Facebook!

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