I’ve known Randy Hutchings for a long time. When I was younger I raced motocross and we share a deep love of motorcycles and motorsports. And I’d been aware of the success that Randy has achieved in the car business. But it was only recently that I actually did business with Randy and his team at Bachman Auto Group that I learned how good of a leader Randy is. He leads by example and his Christian beliefs are very apparent in his leadership teachings. And most of this centers around accountability and grace. Once I saw this in action through the people he leads I knew he was someone I wanted to talk to for the podcast.

I sat down with Randy at Bachman HQ and we chat about how he got started, the lessons he’s learned through years in business and the type of impression that he strives to make with people. It’s a great chat. Listen directly at the bottom of this post or click below for iTunes. We hope you enjoy it!


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