Jecorey Arthur is an inspirational human that breaks down stereotypes and barriers on a level that I don’t think I’ve ever directly experienced in my life, and he does it in such a humble way that it seems almost serendipitous.

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When we started this recording at his studio in Butchertown, we sat down at the table and he immediately pulled his hood up over his head, almost as a safety blanket. And as we talked he just made me feel so good because of the joy that he genuinely has in his heart. It’s rare for a person of his age to have such an altruistic demeanor but, alas, he does. And because of this I became a fan instantly.

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I had listened to his music off and on but after our interview, I intentionally listened to both of his 2017 releases, Seance and Spirit, all the way through. And they both tell a juxtaposed story. One is your more traditional hip-hop album with deep bass and an urban theme while the other is very uplifting. It really highlights his classical training and, even more important, his deep interest in music as a whole. It is, in my humble opinion, quite brilliant.

I hope you enjoy this podcast episode- I had a great time chatting with Mr. Arthur and look forward to the mark he will make not only on our city but on the world. This man will make moves in his life through his love of, and use of, music. Special thanks to Charles Wilkerson with Charles Hill Photography for documenting the episode.


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