In this week’s episode of the #502LeaderSeries we sat down with apparel entrepreneur Thairine Tiwari. Thairine came to America from Brazil to attend the University of Louisville in their exchange program. In the process, she met her husband, who owns Arata Sushi restaurant in Prospect, and she began her life here in Louisville.

During her travels to Brazil, she brought clothing home which she started wearing to hot yoga classes. In Brazil, the weather is so hot all the time that fabric choice is very important. Some of the pieces began to get some attention from her yoga friends due to the unique texture and design. So she looked at that as an opportunity. Along with the help of her brother who is a designer, and her husband, she started the active-wear company IOGA Activewear. In less than a year she has built a very recognizable apparel brand that uses unique materials and super fun designs to inspire movement and comfort.

Have a listen to this episode and learn about this very intriguing person that adds some eclectic style to our fantastic city.

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