My guest this week on the #502LeaderSeries is the founder of the Conversation Research Institute. He is also a digital media strategist, social agitator, and instigator. I use those last two terms in the most endearing ways possible and I genuinely mean that. Jason Falls is the type of person that looks for ways to rock the boat, ever so slightly. He’s not content with things simply being the way they are. I think this makes him a good digital marketer because the things he does, whether it is a blog post, an analysis report or simply a tweet, he does to invoke questions from his audience. He tries to get them to think. And in a world where so much media is trying to get people to be subservient and take the thinking out of the equation, his approach is rather refreshing.

I really enjoyed this chat, which we recorded in his basement office at Peak 10 Data on Baxter. If you didn’t know this, my podcast is very mobile and I like to give my guests first pick at the location because I believe that if they are in a comfortable setting then the conversation will be more authentic. It works.

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