James Green is the type of person that you want to sit down next to on a long flight because you’ll get a story out of it. For those that have lived in Louisville for a while, you’ll recognize his name from the campaign signs that he plasters around town every couple years. But here’s someone who has flown under the radar, for the most part, and has worked to help a lot of people that might not have otherwise gotten the help they needed. 

Special thanks to Rick Tabb for allowing us the use of The Eagles Nest Executive Retreat to record this podcast. If you need to rent a space for a meeting, seminar, lunch, whatever, The Eagles Nest at Bowman Field is a beautiful, unique space that offers an upscale atmosphere, very cool decor and an amazing view. 

Also special thanks to the wonderful Gretchen Bell for snapping some photos. Gretchen has an amazing eye and her input and direction can add an element of class and mystique to any professional photo shoot. Check her out at HerNameIsGretchen.com.

Grab the download and listen on your way to work. James and I talk about success, living a life of purpose and how to make an impact in your life. There are some great tips for anyone who wants to maximize their day and work to become more effective in their life. 

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