“If there is no enemy within, no enemy outside can harm us.”

— African Proverb

I came across Buck Howard by way of Instagram. I kept seeing this out of place guy in videos of The Hat Girls store. Turns out his element is all around us and the business that he does help to bring a lot of the food we eat to fruition through major manufacturing. When I learned what he did for a living I got excited- because I LOVE seeing how things are made and hearing how they make the machines that make stuff. It’s so cool! And here is a guy that has built his own business doing just that, right here in Louisville, KY. He travels all over the country working for big brands, helping them fine-tune their system processes for stuff like cereal, yogurt, and cheese. Stuff you and I just take for granted that will be on the shelf at the grocery.

He is also a part of the Jeffersonville Hospitality Group which owns and operates several restaurants in Louisville and Southern Indiana. Citizen 7 in Norton Commons and Parlour in Jeffersonville (at the base of the Big Four Bridge) are two of their holdings, and are GREAT places to eat and drink!

As I talked to him more, I realized how much of a special person he is. He skews the norm when it comes to appearance and attitude. Because let’s face it, when you look at a guy who is tatted up from head to toe, your initial thought (that the world ingrains in all of us) isn’t ‘international businessman’. Buck is a cool guy with a great heart and an attitude to match and I got the impression that he genuinely enjoys helping other people and seeing them succeed in whatever they’re doing. We need more Buck Howard’s in this world.

Per our conversation, check out the list below for some books that Buck recommends. You can grab them from the Amazon link.

The Road to Character


By David Brooks

Have a listen to this fun, off the cuff podcast we did. He’s got some great insights on living life to the fullest! You can check it out right here in this blog post via Soundcloud (scroll to the top) or click on the image below to head over to the iTunes podcast app! If you use any other app or are on Android, just search for ‘#502LeaderSeries by YesLouisville.com’ and make sure you hit the Subscribe button!


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