Louisville is such a unique city. We have so much to offer and we have some great leaders in government, administration and in business that have helped us get to where we are. We’ve done a great job as a city of showing the world what we can do collectively with regard to art, business, and cuisine, but at the end of the day, Louisville is still the Derby City. And there is one man who has become synonymous in the last nearly 20 years with having a good time during Derby week. That man is Joey Wagner. 

If you aren’t familiar with Joey, check out Episode 13 of the #502LeaderSeries where we get a little deeper into Joey as a person. Because in this episode we have a specific purpose- we’re talking Derby! Joey has his hand in all the hot parties and events during this special week and there is so much that goes into the preparation for this. In this episode, we dive into all the great stuff going on during Derby week and what it takes to make all of it happen. And there’s some great lessons to be had, namely the art of saying ‘no’. 

Have a listen directly in this post or hit the link below access on iTunes. Make sure you check out DerbyVIP.com for all the happenings and get your tickets early- most events will sell out!

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