“The idea is to not just share your moments online, but to create the moments in real life. It’s an online tool to get you offline.”

— Kush Nijhawan

In this week’s episode of the #502LeaderSeries, we sat down with some local app developers that are bringing you something that they hope will help people connect more in real life. And we love their concept and how they’ve implemented it. The designers are twin brothers, Kush and Neil Nijhawan and their app, Shortnotice, aims to help people connect in real life by playing to the on-the-go lifestyles that many of us live by. In the show, we talk about why they came up with the app, what drives them, and how they feel this relates to the bigger picture of helping people to be better people overall. It’s very cool.

Special thanks to Coates Music Studios in Middletown for letting us use their space to get together for this podcast.


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