Pat Day is one of the most genuine, down to earth, humble, and faithful people I’ve ever met. I was privileged to sit down with Pat at his home in Louisville a while back for one of the very early episodes of this podcast. I was extremely nervous and Pat was insanely professional at working with me.

Funny story- as I sat down and was getting set up for the interview at Pat’s kitchen table, I opened Adobe Audition (the program I use to capture and edit podcasts) and immediately realized something was wrong. Lo and behold, Audition had updated in the background the night before and they had completely changed the UX on the app. It looked like it was from Mars. I had no idea where to start, and proceeded to futz and attempt to figure it out, while putting a ton of pressure on myself, for 20 minutes. All to no avail. I was lost. But I still had to get the interview. So I pulled out my backup iPad and I recorded this podcast on an iPhone and an iPad and edited them together. And the results are pretty good. It just goes to show you that you don’t need specialized equipment to produce great content- the technology we have in our pockets is phenomenal.

We proceeded to chat about Pat’s history as a jockey, life after racing, the lessons he’s learned and how his faith life has helped him through the darkest of days. It was a pretty powerful conversation with lots of great tips for anyone. I hope you enjoy it! This is one of the longer episodes, so you may want to break this down into a commute or two. But it’s worth it.

I learned a lot of valuable lessons from Pat that day, but I also taught myself one- make sure the interview is set up completely BEFORE walking in the door.


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