The Hustle never stops. And this comfy T is right on time.

Ali Muhammad isn’t special. In fact, if you look at his history, he should be like any one of the other kids from the West End of Louisville, selling drugs or committing crimes to get by in life, because that was the example that was set for them in life. And for a period, that would have been exactly what Ali Muhammad’s path was looking like. But then, he decided to make a change. A change that anybody has the power to make, but are often held back by what others may think of them. And he followed through with that decision by taking action. And it was a process, a sometimes slow process, but he kept moving forward.

And this podcast is a little bit about his story. Ali is the founder of StoryWood Bowties, a company which makes luxury bowties out of historical wood, but whose mission is to help make the world better. Learn more about him in this podcast and check out his website at

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