Chaz Rough is a podcast pioneer that was an early leader in the internet revolution. He was one of the first people to have a health-themed podcast with Apple with his Yogamazing series and has received multiple awards and recognition for his efforts. His show has received millions of downloads and he is a leader in the podcast community. Chaz flies under the radar in many respects but don’t let that fool you- he’s a major player in the media world and he is seen as a resource for many people looking to get into the industry.

Chaz was one of the people early on to recognize the internet for what it truly is- a distribution channel. And when you see that and fully realize the potential there, you can then do SO MUCH with it. And much of that can be done from the devices we all carry around in our pockets.

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We chat with Chaz about how he got started, tips for folks looking to get into podcasting and how to keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive.

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