When a friend tells you that they’re adopting, a lot of people instantly think of a scene that traditional media has shown us- people traveling abroad to help kids in dire circumstances have a chance at a better life. And while this, in no way, is attempting to take away from the need for assistance outside of our borders, the reality is that there are kids here in the USA that need good homes, mentors, guidance, and more. It’s a universal need and it is something that all civilizations and, really, all species, have to deal with.

Anissa Neubauer is a special human being. She is super successful in the corporate world, and after deciding that adoption would be how she would add to her family she realized the struggles and difficulties that people experience during the adoption process. So she set out to do something to help. And just like that, the Olive Brand Foundation was formed to aid in domestic adoptions and help kids find quality adults and vice versa. Check them out at www.theolivebranch-foundation.org/.

The thing is- any idiot can become a parent. But not everyone can become a solid mother or father and in certain circumstances, people are simply not in the right position to take on the role of mother or father. The really smart ones recognize this and put their kids up for adoption to a person or family who has a real desire to raise a human. Because it’s a huge responsibility and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you’re not ready, that’s OK!

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