Antigona Mehani came to the USA at age 11. Her home country is Kosovo, a war-torn state in southeastern Europe which as subject to a territorial dispute with Serbia. Her childhood was one of survival and didn’t have a concept of a future that I grew up planning for. She credits this with a rushed path to adulthood and the self-awareness and compassion that has led her to be a mentor, advisor, and advocate for countless refugees, immigrants, and anyone else who feels underserved by a system that maintains that it was created for people just like her.

War-torn is a relative term, and we have many war-torn families and communities right here in the US. Right here in Louisville, KY. Check out this conversation that was supposed to run about 30 minutes but ended up being almost 90. It’s just that good.

If you want to connect with Antigona or learn more about her work, please look her up on Facebook at @antigonemehani. You can find out more about the American Community Center, where she serves as Director of Development, at

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