The dynamic brother-sister business duo Skylar and Tracy Lear have never been afraid to take a risk for a dream. After high school, they both made their way to the University of Louisville to pursue an education in the healing arts, Skylar in exercise science and Tracy in psychology. Each followed their chosen profession, passionate about making a difference in the lives of others, supporting one another along the way.

Image Courtesy of KGE Photography via Tracy Lear

When an opportunity came to combine their efforts and establish a fitness facility focused on dynamic training methods and attention to whole-person wellness, they went all in. Becoming business partners felt natural and before long they had built a successful gym (Tri Q Fit). Years passed and with natural changes in life, they shifted to other entrepreneurial endeavors finding success through dedication each time.

Today they are both published models, actors, lifestyle influencers, film investors, inventors, and guardians of the revolutionary organic skincare line, Voilá Ve. A French expression, “voilá ve” translates to “here we go,” a perfect nod to their “embrace every opportunity” approach to life. Using only the finest, majority organic, ingredients, Voilá Ve is designed to help skin heal itself from past damage and thrive at every age, hence the slogan “Beauty Revealed.”

We sat down with Skylar and Tracy on this week’s episode of the 502 Leader Series Podcast to hear their full story, dive into the details of Voilá Ve, and glean some inspiration from driven young entrepreneurs.

You can read more about each product in the Voilá Ve beauty line HERE and see all that Tracy and Skylar are developing with TLSL Brands HERE. You can also follow each of their journeys on Instagram: @tracydlear and @skylarlear.

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