The Louisville Civic Orchestra has been evolving in name and sound for over 100 years, but one thing has remained…they are the orchestra of and for the people of Louisville.

Every musician is 100% volunteer, as is their full Board of Directors & the Artistic Director, Jason Hart Raff. They are passionate about creating excellent performances & making each accessible to as many people as possible by rotating venues around the city and keeping concerts FREE to attend.

From Waterfront Wednesday collaborations with national band Jukebox the Ghost to clever compositions like Edward Elgar’s “Enigma” coming to the Wyatt Center for the Arts at Bellarmine University on April 20th, they are bringing fun, impressive works to each concert of the season.

Listen in on this week’s episode of the #502LeaderSeries to hear more about LCO, their history, their recent reinvention, and what is to come from Artistic Director Jason Hart Raff & Vice President Jonathan Wysong!

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Check us out on iTunes and Subscribe!

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