I love surprises. Birthday parties, presents, bonus coupons in my email…you name it, I love being surprised in positive ways. Last week I walked into the J. Graham Brown School in downtown Louisville and had the biggest surprise of my week. It made my day and I’m willing to bet it will make yours.

Several weeks ago I connected with a new Louisville non-profit organization, We Call Louisville Home, via social media. They liked a post we shared, we in turn liked one of theirs, I did some scrolling through their feed & came to admire what they were doing.

It was a group including students from the Brown School working to create awareness of the immigrant population in our city and find ways to connect them to businesses that would support them in their transition and empower them to become part of our community in every way. I decided to invite some of their leadership team to share their story and future goals on our #502LeaderSeries Podcast, and they happily accepted.

Here comes the surprise.

After a very professional series of email correspondence we established a time to meet at the Brown School one afternoon while school was still in session. I walked in expecting to meet with teachers on their planning period and was greeted by three high school students. Two sophomores and a freshman. Three of the seven founders of We Call Louisville Home.

I was blown away. The organization didn’t just include students, it was created by and is being operated by students, with a few grown-ups helping with legalities along the way.

What started as a project for the prestigious Aspen Institute Challenge has grown into a practical movement that these students are setting up to serve our community for generations to come. Listen in for all the details and learn how you can help them grow a more inclusive community through the network of Louisville small businesses!

A huge thank you to Melina Hunt (Social Media Outreach Director), Maya Anderson (Website Designer) & Hannah Parry (Donations/Fundraiser Coordinator) for taking the time to share the We Call Louisville Home story with us! We’d also like to give a big shout out to the rest of the leadership team including Adrianna Rodriguez (Director of Improvement and Growth), Leigh Henry (Director of Business Communication) and Kennedy Kirchner (News Media Outreach Director) for all you are doing to further the mission!

Follow We Call Louisville Home on Instagram, Twitter, & on their website! Have questions or want to get involved? Email them at WeCallLouisvilleHome@gmail.com!

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