Once upon a time, a teacher & a book binder started a non-profit, & with a little bit of STEAM they took Smoketown by storm creating an innovative educational art space for the community’s youth…Steam Exchange.

Rachel Mauser & Caitlin Kannappell saw the need for safe after school activities for youth in the Smoketown neighborhood & put their heads together to create a solution. In August of 2014, Steam Exchange was born, focused on providing the tools & training for youth to produce works of creativity.

Grant & donation funded, Steam Exchange does A LOT with limited means, but their mission is driven by passion & this drive has lead to exponential growth in participants, programs & support over the last 4 1/2 years. They now host youth programs multiple nights per week for anyone who lives, goes to school or worships in Smoketown…& it’s all FREE.

Steam Exchange is also on the move in the community, leading workshops on everything from screen printing to book with partners like the Louisville Free Public Library! Their team also does fee for service printing projects for everything from screen printed t-shirts, posters, yard signs, & more.

Check us out on iTunes and Subscribe!
Check us out on iTunes and Subscribe!

Listen in as Lori Mangum chats with Rachel, Caitlin & Senior Intern Shaun Jones, a former youth participant in the program who is now investing in the next generation of his community!

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