Greg Ellis is not a Louisville native but he embodies the spirit of our city quite well. Hailing from Rhode Island, he came to Louisville with his girlfriend after her father was diagnosed with cancer. Which is a common reason for people to relocate- I’ve heard it many times here in the 502. What’s interesting about Louisville is that many people stay and plant their roots here because our city is what it is.

For this episode of the #502LeaderSeries, Lori sat down with Greg at Weightless Float Center to talk about wellness and how hard it is for most people to make time for themselves. 

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Our podcast features local business and social leaders who share their stories to help make your life better!

Do you have anxiety? Joint inflammation? Muscle tension? Back problems? Chronic pain? Stress? We’re willing to bet all of you fell into at least one of those categories. Instead of taking tons of medicine for any of the above, consider an alternative experience.

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Listen to this podcast to learn more about what ‘floating’ is and how it can help you. It’s also just plain enjoyable, so no need to have a major malady to benefit.

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