There are THOUSANDS of people in the city of Louisville without insurance or easy access to healthcare. Going to the doctor without insurance is expensive & rather than go to an emergency room people avoid care & develop more complex issues as a result.

The parishioners at St. Joseph’s wanted to put their open space to good use & decided that a family clinic with free basic healthcare would be a blessing to the community. Out of that desire to serve, the Family Community Clinic was born. To say the community responded is an understatement! 

After years of exponential growth they have expanded into a new space (also part of St. Joseph’s), added specialty services & a dental clinic & many more service dates & times. All medical care is provided by licensed professionals who VOLUNTEER their very valuable time. Other needs are filled by community volunteers & a tiny full time staff that invests their whole hearts into ensuring no one goes without the care they need.

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We sat down with Executive Director Becky Montague, Pam King (Nursing Student Coordinator) & Katie Cameron (Social Work Intern) to talk about the history, all they do & how people in the city can connect for services or to serve!

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