The manner in which we spend money is something that we take for granted on a day to day basis. The ease of transaction that modern digital payments allow is so good we often don’t think about it. But there are businesses, major businesses, built on how we pay for things. And those businesses facilitate these transactions in a safe and secure manner. One local company, Card Payment Solutions USA, headed by JP Davis, goes one step further by becoming a helping hand for businesses, often in times of need, to make their lives easier. The services he provides are a breath of fresh air in a space that is notorious for bad customer service. This chat was extra special, as we got to learn a bit about what goes into processing a payment when you swipe your card. It’s so cool. Check out JP’s business at and give him a shout- he can probably save you a ton of money. Also, check out their Instagram account at @BetterPayment!Listen & Subscribe on Google Play Music!

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