Adoption has, for a long time, been one of those taboo topics that most people haven’t really been too quick to openly discuss. And that’s a shame. It’s one of those topics that, if you’re not or haven’t adopted, you probably don’t know too much about it. And if you are or have adopted, you may be wrestling with some of the pseudo-stigmas that sometimes fall in line with things that aren’t understood. But don’t get it twisted- adoption is a wonderful thing!

November is National Adoption Month, a time to celebrate the families and individuals that said ‘Yes’ to a bigger picture and raise awareness to a necessary cause that transcends social, political, racial and financial boundaries. The blanket awareness also helps those children and families hoping for adoption, to encourage them to create their family in the future.

And hope is a very powerful thing.

As amazing as building a family through adoption can be, it is also a difficult process that sometimes takes years to reach completion. Brian and Christina Dettman can attest to the challenge. After years of trying to create a family biologically, they opened their hearts to making a family through adoption. First internationally and then through the domestic foster care system. In fact, after lots of training and years of waiting, they went from no children in the home to four within a matter of months.

Brian & Christina Dettman & Family (Faces/Names Omitted for Privacy)

Christina is also an advocate for the system through her current role as Executive Director of Public Affairs for the Cabinet of Health and Family Services, and as a board member of Wednesday’s Child, a non-profit organization that grew out of the WLKY weekly news feature highlighting Kentuckiana children open to adoption.

Listen in on this week’s episode of the 502 Leader Series Podcast to learn about the Dettman’s journey, how they continue to fight for their family, and how you can explore adoption/foster care if you think they may be the right fit for you.

Follow Christina’s journey as an adoptive/foster mother on her blog, Off Script Mom! You can also connect with her on Facebook & Instagram HERE!

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