Wes Henderson grew up in bourbon, but he didn’t realize just how special his world was until later in life. His father, Lincoln Henderson, was a hallmark in the whiskey world, serving at Brown-Forman for decades, developing incredible products including Woodford Reserve. Going to work with his dad was always cool, but it wasn’t until adulthood that the desire struck to join his father in the creation of something special that they could call their own.

After receiving a degree in Aeronautics from the Florida Institute of Technology, Wes took on the business world, eventually making his way into whiskey consulting, where his legacy knack for spirits led him to serve as CEO of Conecuh Ridge Distillery and then as CEO of Master Distiller Select LLC. People asked occasionally why he hadn’t done a project with his, then retired, dad. In short, the timing hadn’t been right…until it was.

After a casual conversation in 2006 about his idea to take his father’s interest in barrel finishes and build a unique family brand, Lincoln came out of retirement and they dove in headfirst and co-founded Louisville Distilling Company, where they launched the brand Angel’s Envy.

Now, over a decade later, Angel’s Envy is a thriving company with incredible products that showcase beautiful finishings, from their original port barrel finished bourbon to my personal favorite, the rum barrel finished rye.

We sat down with Wes to get to know him and more of the brand story on this week’s episode of the #502LeaderSeries Podcast as part of Bourbon Heritage Month! The timing is perfect as Wes was inducted into the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame during the Kentucky Bourbon Festival this past week. A well-deserved honor he shares with his father & no doubt hopes to one day share with his sons.

Listen in and get to know the man at the helm of Angel’s Envy, their Chief Innovation Officer, Wes Henderson, who we know is not done bringing whiskey fans new things to love.

Also, make plans to visit their Main Street distillery for a tour, tasting, or both! CLICK HERE for Angel’s Envy Visitor’s Info! In the month of September you can also help them replenish the trees used for barrel making by purchasing an Angel’s Envy cocktail or bottle at participating locations. See the full list here & go #ToastTheTrees!

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