Molly Caldwell stopped by the Yes HQ to chat with Jason Mudd for episode 84 of the #502LeaderSeries show! Take the next 29 minutes and learn about her journey through the non-profit world and how she is helping to bring attention to our amazing Kentucky State Parks network.

If you step back and look at all the state parks we have in Kentucky, we’ve kind of got a little bit of everything. Lakes, trails for hiking and biking, rivers, music venues, natural wonders- it’s all here, right in our backyard. 

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We chat about some new programs the parks are creating to better introduce these public spaces to a world that is enamored with all things digital.

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Enjoy the show and think about how somewhere in Kentucky that you could go with your friends, family, or maybe even solo! Let us know in the comments what your favorite park is! 

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