It’s obvious that we love Louisville. What’s not to love? We know she’s not perfect, but she’s still amazing. If she were on Tinder, we’d totally swipe right. And we’re not alone.

Our friends at Live In Lou are on the same page, crushing hard on Derby City and all her awesome amenities. In fact, it’s their job to be sure that as many people as possible know how great she is. Live In Lou is the talent attraction and retention arm of Greater Louisville Inc., the metro chamber of commerce. Funded by grants from the James Graham Brown Foundation and the Gheens Foundation, they aim to raise the level of talent in our city and attract 38,000 new residents to Louisville by 2020!

So, how in the world do they tackle a goal like this? First, they’ve build dynamite social media for those of us who already live here to get even more in touch with everything our city has going on and to show off for everyone looking into move potential. Second, they have a killer website (that’s about to get even better) where employers and job seekers can engage, and where the Live In Lou team can help future neighbors get a good idea of what their lives could be like in Louisville. From a cost of living calculator to a group of ambassadors called City Champs, they make sure that every kind of question can get answered for anyone flirting with moving to our favorite fleur de lis. They also work closely with businesses helping to cultivate the talent they need to thrive and courting new businesses to our city to develop the areas where we have room to grow.

Not only are they hard at working sharing our city, they are having fun doing it, proving to everyone they meet that it’s not just a job…they really do love living in Lou!

Christine, Dustin & Megan

Their success will be our success and they need our help to get there! So, have a listen, dive into their website, and find out how to be the best Louisvillian you can to take us to the next level together!

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