Hello friends!

It’s Charles back with another update! Two weeks ago I made an announcement video about me competing in Dancing with the Prospect Stars and I want to thank everyone who watched it, shared it, and donated to my “longest day” fundraiser!

So a lot has happened in two weeks!

Let’s start with my longest day fundraiser. Earlier last week I was sent a care package from the Alzheimer’s association.  It had this snazzy t-shirt i’m wearing, a really neat insulated grocery bag, this cool banner you see behind me and some fundraising envelopes.

Not to mention they called me to personally thank me and wrote me a hand written note for helping bring some light on this Alzheimer’s.  Thank you all so much!

So currently we have raised $155 out of our $4000 goal. (this is not including ticket sales, I’m treating ticket sales as icing on the cake) Friends, family, even my enemies, I would love for you all to consider donating some of your holiday gift money to my cause! Not to mention this is all tax deductible! So finish off your 2018 fiscal year by donating to charity!

All right on to dancing! Over the last two weeks Jen (my amazing professional dance partner) has taught me a couple of new moves since my last update. AND….AND….. we choose our song to dance to! Jen and I are going to dance to Pentatonix version of The Greatest Show, from the greatest showman soundtrack reimagined.  Also we decided to kinda make a medley of dances instead of doing a traditional foxtrot. We are now incorporating tango, salsa, swing, and foxtrot.

We started working on the choreography and I’m really excited what Jen has come up with all ready. Watch the video posted above to see how we are progressing.

Another dancing update! I also received my dancing shoes in the mail. I didn’t realize how flexible they were going to be but I wore them practicing and surprisingly comfortable, and super shiny.

In the next coming weeks we are having some of Alzheimer’s association of greater louisville and southern indiana come by and do a podcast on the 502 leader series to talk about their charity and other ways you can get involved.

Once again If you want to donate to my longest day please visit bit.ly/CWDWPS at the end of the day this whole event is about raising money for a charity, so if you can please visit and donate what you can!

Also if you can share this video on facebook, or send it to someone in an email that will definitely help out.

Thank you all again and I will talk to you soon!

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