You live your legacy before you leave it. – Denise

From the moment she walked through the door Denise Taylor beamed positivity. We are all about bringing positivity to the city, so we knew we would LOVE her, but we had no idea how much.

Denise is a Special Event Coordinator, but not for the kind of events you might expect. Rather than weddings, graduations, & Derby parties, she works one on one with people of all ages planning the party of their lives, that they’ll never attend…their celebration of life.

Her tagline is “You’re Invited to a Party to Die For” & she embraces the importance of the individual choosing how their life will be honored with an intoxicating zeal. Her inspiration for this service-based business came from one of the hardest times of her life, the terminal illness of her daughter Jonnae.

The only way she could make it through that experience was “to find the one positive in the bad.” Confronted with the mortality of her child, she had the opportunity to be buried in sorrow or to gift her daughter with a grand celebration of her life in the way she wanted to be celebrated before she died. They rolled out the red carpet with their family & friends, giving thanks for their years together & the coming release from pain.

It was beautiful, & a little controversial. Not everyone understood the celebration when mourning was the expectation. Denise didn’t care. It was what Jonnae wanted & that made it right.

Denise & her daughter Jonnae at her Red Carpet Celebration

Since then Denise has combated her loss by building her gratitude muscles & helping other people create the celebration of life they want for themselves at some point in the future. And nothing is off the table.

We know you’ll enjoy this episode of the #502LeaderSeries with Denise Taylor of Surprise Invite. When you get inspired to plan the epic party of your life, give her a call at (502) 931-4297 or email!

Denise’s Surprise Invite Car Companion

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