Maggie Keith is the fourth generation steward of Foxhollow Farm. While she’s had a relationship with the land for all of her life, she didn’t know when she left for college that it would become her passion, livelihood, & home.

Maggie Keith – Image Courtesy of Foxhollow Farm

With the combined zeal & innovation of Maggie & her grandmother, Janey, the 1300 acres of land has been converted into a biodynamic farming community offering 100% Grassfed Kentucky Beef for sale & delivery nationwide. Foxhollow also hosts events throughout the year that give our community an opportunity to engage with the land & enjoy the outdoors. From the Sunset Concert Series to the Fall Festival & more, there’s something for everyone on the farm & their team is constantly cultivating new ideas for community engagement.

Check us out on iTunes and Subscribe!
Check us out on iTunes and Subscribe!
Sunset Concert Series – Image Courtesy of Foxhollow Farm

Listen in as Jason Mudd & Lori Mangum chat with Maggie about the story of her life, the land & what is coming next for Foxhollow Farm!

100% Grassfed Kentucky Cows – Image Courtesy of Foxhollow Farm

Interested in purchasing beef from Foxhollow? You can buy all or part of a cow, or just select cuts, throughout the year HERE!

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