Louisville is a town that is full of history. From Churchill Downs to F. Scott Fitzgerald finding inspiration at the Seelbach, everywhere you turn has a story to tell. Camp Taylor might be an area you’re unfamiliar with, but it definitely has a long history plenty of stories!

I’m Dillon Miles and I’m proud to be your Neighborhood voice for Camp Taylor! I’ve lived all over the city since moving here in 2006 from Marion County, KY, but settled in Camp Taylor two years ago. I now live there with my fiance, Kate, and our Goldendoodle, Phoebe, and we love our little neighborhood!

Camp Taylor is a community tucked away between Audubon Park and the Watterson Expressway. Founded in 1917, and named after Louisville resident and President Zachary Taylor, the area was originally the largest training camp for young soldiers training to fight in World War I. After the war, the camp was auctioned off into 1,500 lots, which many returning soldiers purchased to build homes and the neighborhood of Camp Taylor was born! Today, Camp Taylor is a blue collar neighborhood with residents living in the homes they grew up in, some for 50 years plus, and an influx of young professionals and first time homeowners like Kate and myself.

My adopted hometown has done a lot for me and I’m hoping to help you discover some things you may not know about the city. Other than talking about the obvious things Camp Taylor has to offer, my plan is to showcase some of the history and characters that make up the neighborhood. I’m excited to share more about my little piece of Louisville with you all!

Dillon is co-founder of Sour Mash Tours, Louisville’s only walking bourbon experience. Follow them on the socials @SourMashTours and book a one of a kind excursion today!

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