Two years ago this very week I went to see a house in Germantown I saw for rent on Trulia. The pictures were gorgeous. The place in person…not so much. It was the fifth house I’d seen that was in my price range in the area I wanted to call home. Not because it was trendy. Not because it was growing. Because it was the place in the city that felt the most “me.”

After three years of living with family because of illness and the expenses that accompanied it, I was more than ready to find a little spot to nest in within my favorite neighborhood in Louisville, where I could stay for SEVERAL years without thinking of moving again. I wanted to be at home. In a place that was mine. With the things that were mine that had been living in storage for way too long.

That rainy cold November day, I left the fifth house frustrated, beginning to think that I’d be forced to live in another part of town. I got in my car and drove away, weaving through the streets hoping to see a sign, literal or metaphorical, for whether I should keep hunting or let it go.

I had forgotten that the Trulia GPS search feature was still on, so when a cheerful chime disrupted my gloomy trance I could hardly believe it. There was one more house in my price range, on the edge of Germantown/Schnitzelburg/Merriwether that I hadn’t seen. I turned onto Burnett, passed Monnik, and wove through the little streets that would take me to my Barbee Dream House.

The front porch was enough to sell me. But it also had off street parking (WHAAAAT?!), washer and dryer hook-ups (YASSS), a backyard (INSERT CALL OF THE WILD), and wait for it…a claw foot bathtub. *FAINT*

I called the number on the sign and left a message, got a call back ten minutes later, made an appointment to see it later that week, and just shy of two months later moved it. There was some minor drama in between, but nothing that could stop me from making this place mine.

January in Louisville is not the best time to explore new spaces since walking is less than comfortable in the cold. So, I spent the winter months reacquainting myself with old favorites (Sunergos, Check’s, Nords…) and slowly settled into my home. By the time spring came, I was ready to pound the pavement and discover new spaces that had popped up over the years since I last frequented the area. From chicken and waffles pizza at The Post to cheesy spätzle at Eiderdown, I busted my budget every month on the eats and treats in my hood.

I still feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of what the area has to offer. I also feel selfish for flying solo on so many adventures. So, it’s time to share them with as many people as possible. Because I can now shout from the rooftop with 100% confidence that the Germantown-ish area is the best in all of Louisville…fight me.

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