As the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end”. Last month my little family of three (plus our dog Roxie) decided to pack up our home in the South End and head to the East End. South Louisville was great to us, but we grew tired of the commute to work and to our daughter’s school, so when the opportunity came for us to move to East Louisville, we took it. We now live in a charming neighborhood lined with cottage homes and out-of-the-magazine landscaping. The area is littered with locally-owned businesses and I made it a vow to shop in as many of them as I can! 

About a week after we settled in, the 7th Annual St. Matthews Street Festival began.  From 11am to 10pm, the area by Frankfort Avenue between Lexington Road and Bauer Avenue was filled with food trucks, local vendors, kid games, and live entertainment. It’s a brisk walk from our new home to the festival, so we decided to take Roxie with us to let her explore and socialize in her new territory. 

Once we got to the festival, we realized that it was a bit too hot for Roxie, and one of the vendors realized it as well. Fortunately, she had a bowl of cold water under her tent to accomodate the four-legged friends in attendance. Roxie happily drank from the bowl, then decided to make herself comfortable under the tent. The woman instructed us to go walk the rest of the festival, and she would gladly keep watch over Roxie and let her cool off in the shade. We were amazed at her generosity, and by this time, our daughter and her friend were chomping at the bit, ready to get on the rides (all of which were free, btw), play games, and win prizes. We obliged, and enjoyed the rest of our time at the festival. 

When we got back to Roxie, there were a  few young kids playing with her. I greeted them as I grabbed her leash. I locked eyes with the woman who volunteered to watch her and thanked her. 

“Wait,” she said. “Let me show you what I taught her!”

Roxie is a rambunctious pup, so I was pretty stunned as the woman looked at Roxie, offered a hand gesture, and said, “Roxie, sit.” Roxie obeyed and the woman gave her a treat. 

“I’ve been taking my dogs to obedience classes, and I learned that. I hope you don’t mind!” she exclaimed. 

“Of course not!” I told her. “Can you show me what you did?”

The woman and I spent a few minutes together instructing Roxie to sit on command. By the time we were done, I felt like a real-life pack leader. Soon after, my family and I headed back home, with bags full of goodies in tow. Later that night, I reflected on how much fun my daughter had and how kind the woman under the tent had been. As I drifted off to sleep, I thought to myself, I think we’re going to like the East End just fine

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