Being the mother of a very active four-year-old and a fur mom of a rambunctious pup, the need for green space is a necessity for my household. Fortunately, unbeknownst to many people who live outside of Wilder Park, Huston Quin Park is a brisk walk from my block. Located at 4105 S. 1st Street, this park is truly a hidden gem in SouLou. 

At just under two acres, you’ll find a full playground, spray-ground, two basketball courts, and a gazebo! The sitting areas are perfectly lined with the playground and there’s just the right amount of shade for me to sit comfortably while I watch my daughter play with her newly acquired friends. 

Park hours are from 6AM to 11PM daily, so the next time you’re out and about in the area, remember to stop by and take in some new scenery. And if you happen to see me, come say hello!

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