Cold Smoke Bagels will soon open in Logan Street Market in Shelby Park, filling the Louisville void of a much needed Jewish eatery. I sat down with Sasha Chack, the brains behind this Kosher concept, and I cannot express to you how much I learned about Jewish appetizing. And that’s great, considering a big part of Cold Smoke will be education. 

It’s instantly recognizable that Sasha is passionate about this project, and about kosher cuisine. Cold Smoke will be serving no meat. But, don’t let that deter you. Sasha believes it’s best to focus on, and be the best at, a particular cuisine. Trust that they’ll be serving up a delicious menu of eggs, fish, grains, vegetables, brunch specials, and appetizing nosh! Currently they’re serving Nancy’s Bagels, with hopes to eventually have their own commissary kitchen where they can make their own bagels and smoke their own fish. 

Though they’re not making their own bagels, they are making all of their sauces, schmears, and pickles on site. They’re also curing salmon and creating such delicious concoctions as Beet Cured Lox, Pastrami Spice Smoked Salmon, and Everything Spice Salmon. 

They’ll also be offering whole white fish, as well as a smoked white fish salad. Most anything they’re not making in house will be shipped from New York, from retailers such as Acme Smoked Fish Corporation. They’ll be getting herring shipped in from New York as well, and they’ll be dressing it up with their house-made sauces, for dishes like their Wasabi Herring.

They’re also working with a local retailer, Shuckman’s Fish Co. & Smokery, with whom they hope to have an eventual private packaged partnership. 

Cold Smoke will be offering Bento Box appetizer boxes that will contain a sampling of their appetizing offerings. These will be perfect for grab-and-go lunches. 

Sasha and I also discussed Kiddush clubs, which have traditionally been a Jewish male-bonding experience over alcohol, most traditionally scotch. But, we’re in Kentucky, so Sasha hopes to bring a taste of the tradition to Louisville with pop-up tastings and bourbon pairings. The first pop-up was recently at Trouble Bar in Shelby Park, and I can attest that everything Cold Smoke is serving up pairs perfectly with a nice bourbon. I’m looking forward to picking up a Bento box and heading over to Trouble Bar again soon. L’Chaim!

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