I started tapping my toes as I brushed my teeth last night. The sounds of merriment and a DJ blasting “Livin’ On a Prayer” from a street festival a few blocks away were seeping in through the window pane. I  knocked the toothbrush dry and tossed it into the cup on the sink.  A muffled karaoke cover of ”Jolene” from a bar down the street was background music as I walked from the bathroom to bed. And as I turned off the bedside lamp, I heard two men walking down the street outside my window arguing about which neighborhood bars had “gone corporate”. 

If you hadn’t guessed, I live in the Louisville Highlands, a part of town that marches to the beat of its own drum,… probably while donning a kilt, wearing zombie makeup, and drinking kombucha. Our neighborhood has plenty of action, outdoor events, great burgers, karaoke, and an excessive amount of delicious Irish food. I love our neighborhood. While the Bardstown/Baxter area is known for being lively at night (sometimes even past locals’ bedtimes, as evidenced above), the neighborhood is equally as action-packed during the day: art festivals, street festivals, brunch on patios, zombie walks, pet events, marathons, bars packed during UofL games, and much more. And while Highlanders might occasionally gripe about a little noise or another festival clogging up traffic… we wouldn’t live anywhere else. 

This part of town has its own unique beat and syncopation. And while I’ve lived here a number of years, I fear I’ve sometimes fallen back on what’s familiar: the restaurants, dance clubs, parks, etc. that I’m comfortable with. My goal with this article series with Yes Louisville is to say “yes!” to more within my neighborhood that I haven’t explored. I want to try new restaurants, cocktail bars, parks, outdoor spaces, local businesses, and more!

A little about me: I work in sales and business development at an advertising agency, LEAP Spark. I’m on the board of the local advertising business association. I network frequently and try to connect with new people every week. I practice public speaking as a part of my Toastmasters club and try new local restaurants/businesses often as a Yelp Elite. I volunteer my time with JFCS Louisville and as a representative of the Chamber Jeffersontown. And I’ve lived in the Highlands on and off for nearly 5 years. Something about the Highlands has always just struck a chord with me and I’ve come running back after living somewhere else. 

Say “yes!” with me as I re-discover my neighborhood and trumpet awesome local businesses and happenings.

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