To say I have a sweet tooth is an understatement.

Ask anyone who knows me what my favorite foods are, and you can guarantee that the list is chock-full of sweet, sugary goodness. So what if I’m in my 30s and my two favorite foods are ice cream and donuts?

But saying that I love donuts and acting on that love for donuts are two totally different things. And the latter became significantly more difficult when North Lime Coffee & Donuts opened up just steps away from my house in July of last year.

* Cue angels singing *

North Lime started in Lexington, Kentucky. I had heard lore from friends and family that it was the most amazing donut shop around. And, as luck would have it, they followed me to Old Louisville when we moved in last year. Hashtag blessed, as they say. 

A variety of North Lime’s donut staples.
Photo courtesy of North Lime Old Louisville via Facebook.

The donuts at North Lime are made from scratch every single day. You can get your fill of yeast or cake donuts, with a rotating line-up of staff creations every week that go perfectly with a cup of Good Folks coffee.

You’ll find a variety of staples on the menu each day, including plain glazed, chocolate glazed, Funkfetti, Cinna Monkey, and Funnel Cake. Plus, they offer gluten-free options every Tuesday and Thursday, a special Donut of the Month, and a variety of coffee drink specials. 

How North Lime celebrates Shark Week.
Photo courtesy of North Lime Old Louisville via Facebook.

I just wrote that all out based on my previous knowledge of the donut schedules. Not so sure that’s something I want to call out to you fine readers, but I’m all about transparency.

I unfortunately can’t report on the specialty coffee drinks, as I’ve never had one. I’m guaranteed to get a donut every time I walk in — even when I say I won’t get a donut — so I get a coffee instead. It’s all about balance. 

I can, however, report that the coffee is great. 

North Lime is more than just donuts. Pictured: the Nutella Roll.
Photo courtesy of North Lime Old Louisville via Facebook.

In all seriousness, North Lime opening in our neighborhood of Limerick was a huge deal. The owners renovated a building that had been empty for years, restoring the building to its former glory. Plus, it provided a much-needed meeting place and coffee shop for residents in our Limerick neighborhood.

North Lime draws guests from all over the city who may have never stepped foot in our part of town if not for the sweet, sweet smell of freshly-baked donuts. And, for us neighbors who are so dedicated to our neighborhood, we are thrilled that North Lime is now a part of it.

You can find North Lime and their weekly donut specials on Facebook and Instagram. Or, check their website for the weekly line-up in Louisville and their two Lexington locations. Stop in — you won’t regret it. 


North Lime Coffee & Donuts

1228 S. 7th StreetLouisville, KY 40203


Monday – Friday: 6AM – 5PM

Saturday: 7AM – 1PM

Sunday: 8AM – 1PM

The West Saint Catherine Neighborhood Association is proud to partner with North Lime for the second year in a row to slang donuts and coffee at the Saint James Art Show this year. Come visit October 4th – 6th to check out our beautiful neighborhood and some amazing art — and grab a donut(or two) at our booth while you’re at it! Funds raised will go towards neighborhood improvements and beautification efforts. 

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By day, Danielle Huenefeld is a product manager at Forest Giant, a design and development firm focused on building software experiences. By night (and weekend), she is the co-founder of Sour Mash Tours, Louisville’s guided, walking bourbon tour experience. In her free time, she enjoys eating and drinking at her favorite local restaurants and bars, playing (or rather, learning to play) guitar, traveling, hosting gatherings, and finding some time to do absolutely nothing at all. 

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