Happy New Year! Welcome to 2020. Did you make a New Year’s resolution? Are you looking to accomplish a personal goal this year? To improve your life? To have more fun? 

Well, whether you made a resolution or not, I have a suggestion – make 2020 the year that you get out and explore Louisville! Be adventurous this year. Adventure doesn’t have to be action packed, though it certainly can be; but, adventure can also be simple. It can be a curiosity about your surroundings that you go out and dig into. Be curious this year. 

Ya’ll, we’re lucky enough to live in one of the best cities in the country. Make it a goal for yourself to get out and explore our city more this year. There’s so much to see and do. And, of course, I think you need to check out Shelby Park as part of that exploration! It’s an old neighborhood, but it has changed so much recently that it almost feels brand new. But, don’t take my word for it, come find out for yourself! 

While you’re visiting there’s a lot to learn. Shelby Park has a rich architectural history. One of Louisville’s nine Carnegie libraries is located at 600 E. Oak Street, and it’s the only one designed in conjunction with a city park – Shelby Park! There’s also Sojourn Church, located in the gorgeous St. Vincent de Paul cathedral. Plus you can see an old fire house adorned with decorative crown moldings, the Hope Mills building, which now houses an art collective, and countless historical houses. 

There’s so much to see in Shelby Park. The neighborhood is rich with murals. Local artists and collectives such as Bryan Patrick Todd, Gibbs Rounsavall, Wilfred Sieg III of Art Cartel, Kacy Jackson of The Art of Kacy, and Often Seen Rarely Spoken have embellished many of the buildings with beautiful artwork. Checking out this local art is one of my top recommendations for a visit to Shelby Park, and it’s a perfect adventure for any time of year (even now while it’s cold and rainy), as the murals can be enjoyed while driving or walking. 

A newer development to check out in Shelby Park is all of the shopping and dining. Any visit to the neighborhood should start with a coffee and baked goods from Scarlet’s Bakery (and bonus, it’s housed in a historical building with an awesome mural on the side). After some exploring you can grab lunch at Red Top Dogs (another historic spot, formerly the Kentucky Democratic Club, and another mural), and while you’re there you can also hang out and play arcade games, darts, and ping pong. Then you can explore Idlewild Butterfly Farm, a totally unique urban farm and insectarium. After all of that you can head over to Logan Street Market, Louisville’s first and only year-round indoor market filled with 30+ vendors, including food, coffee, a full bar, a wine shop, a cheese shop, seafood, a brewery, spices, art, and so much more. Plus, they host a Farmer’s Market on Wednesdays and Sundays.

All of that is right here in Shelby Park, and there’s more coming soon. 

Take this year to gain a new appreciation for the world around you, including Louisville and Shelby Park! I hope to see you in the neighborhood soon.

Are you crushing on #ShelbyPark as hard as we are? Learn more about this hot spot in the city through local insider and #NeighborhoodVoice, Kelly Jones HERE!

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