What do coffee, ice cream & volleyball have in common? I don’t know but I can tell you where to find all 3 at just one spot in J-town. 

Trends come in all shapes and sizes but my favorite by far is the foodie trend. From trending ingredients to trending culinary atmospheres, I’m blessed to live in a city where the food is taken quite seriously amongst the locals and coveted by the tourists.

I didn’t have a lot of time to explore my new neighborhood over the last month with the move, a vacation, and the tail end of wedding season upon us. Luckily the Louisville food scene is constantly evolving so I’m not surprised to have stumbled upon Beach House Coffee as I was lying in bed soaking up my last moments of stillness before the busy day ahead of me.

A quick google search got me on my feet in search of this Jtown coffee shop. The drive only took about 10 minutes but I didn’t see any coffee shops around me – all I saw was a pretty neat sand volleyball bar. 

After walking around like a total tourist for a while, I finally found the coffee shop Google promised me. Much to my surprise, this little gem was home to a few of my very favorite things – Comfy Cow ice cream and Quill’s Coffee! I could hardly believe it – a one stop shop for two of my most dangerous vices. My diet suddenly didn’t exist anymore.

Beach House Coffee is an extension of the Beach, a sand volleyball bar in the heart of J-town. Trust that the Beach is already on my list of J-town attractions to feature, however, I wasn’t exactly planning for it this time around. Funny how things work out.

The girl behind the counter was very informative and prepared to answer every question that popped into my head.

“What is this place?”

“Who’s responsible for this?”

“Do you think they’ll let me hug them?” 

Emma was awesome and even made a stellar recommendation on a latte she created herself: the Buckeye. And a buckeye latte is exactly what you’d hope it’d be. A latte that tastes just like those delicious little chocolate peanut butter balls your grandma used to make. 

If it wasn’t 10 in the morning, I might have ordered one for myself, but I did get to sample my boyfriend’s and it did not disappoint. 10/10 would recommend.

Beach House Coffee & Ice Cream opened in November 2018. The owners wanted the building when they originally opened the volleyball bar next door and jumped on the opportunity once the property went up for sale. Beach House is still a work in progress but now sells lunch Monday – Friday from 11am-2pm. Lunch is prepared by hand by the owners of the bar and some everyday items include chicken salad, turkey wraps, sandwiches and pasta salads. The future is bright for Beach House and plans include daily soups for lunch and a breakfast menu. 

With updates made daily, Beach House is quickly becoming the spot. Handmade lunches, local coffee and ice cream readily available and a neighboring outdoor volleyball bar – the rest of your summer is pretty much decided for you on just one block in J-town. 

You can visit the Beach online at jtownbeach.com and on Facebook too! 

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