One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is to bake but I am by no means a professional. And even though I’m adventurous and willing to try new recipes, some things are still beyond my skill level. So, when I’m craving something that I either just don’t think I can make or don’t have the time to make, I visit The Bakery at Sullivan University.

The first time I’d heard of the Bakery was at a friend’s wedding a few years ago where they had ordered a beautifully decorated chocolate cake with a raspberry filling and a cream cheese frosting that was so delicious, I still dream about it to this day. I think a lot of us were surprised to learn that the cake had been made at the Bakery, and not one of the big professional bakeries in town. I later learned that not only do they make cakes and pastries for special occasions, but there was an actual bakery that I could go to and get a variety of treats, lunches, and drinks.

Located at Bardstown Road and 264, right across from the main Sullivan campus, the Bakery is very accessible for many individuals from different areas. Walking in you’ll see box lunches that provide a sandwich or wrap, a side dish such as potato or pasta salad, and a cookie for dessert. If you’re looking for something a bit lighter, they also have a selection of salads and soups.  Next to the box lunches is where you will find the pastries, which vary daily. There’s also breakfast pastries, sweet treats, and even savory and sweet breads you can buy by the loaf, all at prices much cheaper than you’d expect for this quality of food. If looking for just a drink they have a variety of coffees, lattes, and sodas, which can be enjoyed in a small seating area by some windows looking into the kitchen so you can take a break from your day and watch the students taking their pastry courses. In fact, you may have already had some of their fantastic desserts and not even known it as they provide desserts for over 20 restaurants throughout town. 

And while courses are held elsewhere in the building, the students can intern in the actual shop as well. This gives them not only kitchen experience but also the important experience in working with customers and meeting their needs, so they have a much more well-rounded set of skills heading into their careers than just how to bake. I appreciate that it’s not only a great way to support a local business and school, but also a way to support the education of up and coming pastry chefs.

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