I hate to admit that I’ve lived in Louisville for 13 years, and in Old Louisville for 2, and it took me that long to make a stop at D. Nalley’s, which I’ve sometimes referred to as “the diner up the street.”

But after passing by about a million times and wondering what it was all about, my husband, a couple of my friends, and I decided to check out D. Nalley’s before attending the Old Louisville Holiday Home Tour, and let me tell you, it was the right choice. 

D. Nalley’s has been around since 1963. They serve breakfast, burgers, and sandwiches all day, including multi-ethnic lunch and dinner specials. 

We walked in around 1pm and were greeted by the server, Bob. We showed up after the rush, we soon found out, so we had the place to ourselves. Inside, D. Nalley’s looks like your quintessential diner — red leather booths, a bar flanked by red leather stools — quaint and clean. 

The service was outstanding. While we were the only diners there at the time, Bob was on top of things. The service, conversation, and even music were on point thanks to him. 

I ordered the biscuits & gravy platter, which was exactly that — a platter. I put a pretty good dent in it, but I couldn’t finish the entire portion. The best part? The tots, which are made with shredded onions, giving them a zing that really stood out. 

The menu gives you a plethora of options. My group also ordered a club sandwich, breakfast quesadilla, and chicken schwarma. All of us agreed that the food was great, the atmosphere was perfect, and the price was right. 

Even after living in Old Louisville for the past couple of years, it’s exciting to experience a great (new-to-me) local restaurant in my neighborhood — within walking distance of my house, no less. It reminded me that I need to be more of a tourist in Old Louisville, and it’s inspired me to pop into more places I’ve wondered about for quite some time. I’m already planning my next stop in.

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