Every morning when I take my daughter to school, I pass an awesome store that’s bursting with flowers and plants from the inside out. A sign sits out visible enough to see from the road that says, “The Plant Kingdom”. Every time I drive by the store, I make a mental note to stop by, and finally, thanks to a family member’s upcoming housewarming party, I got the opportunity to pull over and take a look. 

As I walked inside, I couldn’t help but marvel at the endless displays of flowers, plants, and pots. Each row was filled with plants, some as tall as me, and others that were small enough to sit in a windowsill. My discipline was truly tested when I came across the display of succulents and bonsai trees (I have a really hard time keeping plants alive so those are my go-to’s…don’t judge). I reminded myself that I was there looking for a gift, and spent at least a half hour mulling over which plant to buy. Each plant had a label with its name and instructions for care, which made it easy to find something that would be easy to maintain. I settled on a Sansevieria plant; a plant that is great for purifying the air inside a home. 

While I was at the register, I casually mentioned that the plant was a gift, and the associate was kind enough to put the plant in a gift bag with colorful tissue paper. I left the store satisfied with my purchase and I look forward to going back and possibly learning how to develop a green thumb (here’s hoping).

Visit the Plant Kingdom this Fall Monday through Saturday from 9am – 6pm at 4101 Westport Road.

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