Have you wondered what’s moving in at 1149 South Shelby Street? You know, the old Apple Appliance Service building, across from Scarlet’s Bakery? Maybe you’ve walked, or driven, by recently and noticed improvements at this space. Perhaps you’ve observed the new glass storefront, paint, and other development. If you’ve been curious, now the cat’s out of the bag… Trouble Bar will soon open in Shelby Park!

I’m not sure if I’m more excited as a Shelby Park resident, or as a bourbon lover; but, between the two, I’m sure of one thing — I could not be any more excited for this spot! 

The bar will be women owned, by Nicole Stipp and Kaitlyn Soligan Owens of Matson & Gilman, with an emphasis on hiring a diverse staff. And it’s important to them that their staff be well-versed in the community they work in, so they have been working closely with the neighborhood, attending neighborhood association meetings and talking with neighbors, to ensure this objective.

Kelly Jones pictured with Kaitlyn Soligan Owens (left) and Nicole Stipp (right) of Matson & Gilman/Trouble Bar

All bartenders at Trouble will be Executive Bourbon Stewards, an honor obtained by completing a full day of bourbon training with the Stave & Thief Society at Moonshine University. Once bestowed with this title Trouble Bar employees will be proficient in identifying the differences of whiskeys and bourbons, the distillation process, classifications, brands, proofs, aging, mash bills, and tastings. Essentially, they’ll be bourbon experts! 

Trouble will offer an array of bourbon, and the bar will emphasize flights. The menu will even include some flights built by industry experts and celebrities of the bourbon world. 

Though the focus is definitely on bourbon, Trouble will also serve, as Nicole describes, a “small but delightful” selection of wine, beer, and other spirits. Kaitlyn says, “We bring guests to Louisville so often who want to try all of the amazing bourbons that are native to Kentucky, and we want to show them the city we know and love, the one beyond Downtown and Nulu, in a neighborhood bar that is truly a local watering hole where folks stop for a whiskey after work or meet a friend for a beer or a glass of wine on the back patio.” 

Shelby Park has felt the void of a neighborhood bar since the closing of T. Eddie’s, thus making the addition of Trouble Bar even more welcome. The space will not offer food service, but outside food will be warmly welcomed. And with Red Top Dogs located just around the corner, and Logan Street Market opening soon, patrons will have no lack of choice when it comes to carry-in items or delivery options.  

Y’all! Get ready. Trouble is coming! 

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