Part of what makes Louisville special is its many neighborhoods, each with its own identity & flair. Neighborhood identity is also a challenge in our city because people tend to live life siloed in their spaces, not getting out to appreciate as much of the city as they could.

Our mission at is: Discover Your City. Discover You.

So, we want to both breed neighborhood pride & also help people explore Louisville & get to know the people, places & things in every neighborhood that makes it special.

That’s where our Neighborhood Voices come in! Our staff could try to get to know every part of the city & create articles, videos & photo collections to represent them, but the real experts are the people who live there!

Neighborhood Voices are the newest monthly contributors on who will share articles, videos, photo galleries & more to help us get to know their neighborhoods!

Interested in becoming a Neighborhood Voices Contributor? Email our Content Director, Lori Mangum at to learn more!

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