I’m learning more and more, with pretty much everything, it’s not so much about the product as it is the process. And for men, shaving is something that we must do daily to keep it neat. Now that does go against the current trend of beards, but a clean shave is something to be coveted. So what’s the secret? It’s not the razor or the balm. It’s the environment. 

The ladies have been doing this for years with their legs. But for some reason it has taken me a long time to realize that I’ve been doing it wrong all along. But you don’t have to be me. You can start today and get the best shave of your life, with very little money, just by doing it in the shower. Here’s my process and it’s super simple.

Dove soap and a disposable razor. 

You don’t need to get fancy, you just need the hot water of the shower to help make your facial hair and skin softer. I use Dove for men bar soap and put the bar against my face to get the soap around the hairs and get a good lather going. Then I shave, letting the water clean the razor which helps to keep a clean cutting edge. That’s what is important. The more hair that gets stuck in the razor, the less effective it is and the more you will have issues like bumps and cuts. Running water from above keeps it clean. 

That’s it! And you will likely save time by doing this as well, so you might be able to get a bit more done before rushing out the door in the morning. Also, I generally try to get 2-3 shaves out of a razor but I don’t want to keep it going past its life. When a razor is done, it’s done.

I’m sure there are a ton of variations on this, but the overall theme is this- the process dictates the results more than the product, in most cases. The shower is key in this case. Give it a try!



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