If you’re like us, you’re on the go all the time. And the worst thing is to be running out and look down at your phone or tablet and see the battery in the red. Luckily there are options. 

For a limited time, Amazon has these highly rated KMASHI portable chargers on sale. They come in 5,000mAh, 10,000mAh, and 15,000mAh, with the 2 largest versions offering a whopping 3.1A fast charge output via 2 USB ports. While we would recommend everyone to keep something like this in your bag for emergencies, they’re especially great for travelers. My wife and I will use one on weekend trips and never have to look for an outlet anywhere! 

Use these coupon codes at checkout for special pricing on their respective products:

5,000mAh for $6 with code I3VWAP3L

10,000mAh for $9 with code USNL22D5

15,000mAh for $13 with code BY6YG3UB

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