Music holds a special place in everyone’s lives for a multitude of reasons, and with services like Spotify and Apple Music you can have the world’s catalog at your disposal at any time. It’s quite incredible to think that you can literally listen to anything you want at any time with your iPhone or Android device. But one thing that is always a bit of a hassle is the headphone cords.

Several years ago I made the jump to Bluetooth headphones and I haven’t looked back. The amount of joy that being able to wirelessly listen to music has brought me is immeasurable. And the cost has come down so much on this technology that I often wonder why I still see so many people walking around tethered to their phones with a headphone cable. But you don’t have to live like that anymore!

I’ve been using this model, by Senso, for about 6 months now. They fit well, the battery easily gets me through a day of use and I can even talk on the phone with them. And to top it off the sound quality is fantastic, especially considering the price.

If you’ve ever wondered what small purchase will have an impact on your daily joy, this is it. Grab a pair of BT headphones and start enjoying music on a better, more free level! You’ll wonder what took you so long to give them a try!

Do you use Bluetooth headphones already? What’s your favorite brand/model? Leave a note in the comments and maybe you can help someone get on board!

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