You’ve gotta love a good bromance, right?

Ron Williams and Squiggy Digiacomo are an unlikely pair, making magic at music festivals around the country for the past several years. Squiggy brings in instruments for people to play and purchase, and Ron paints some of them, both for sale and for charity raffles at every Danny Wimmer Presents (DWP) festival and beyond. Together they curate top-shelf interactive music experiences that fans look forward to at each event.

Squiggy (left) & Ron (right) at DWP dinner at Seviche.
Photo Courtesy of Ronz World Guitars

Squiggy is a musician who moved from the stage to the shop and then the festival circuit, bringing unique instruments to music lovers around the world through his business The Music Experience. Ron began as an illustrator for advertising and built a career in experiential marketing, eventually beginning to paint guitars as a boredom fueled hobby that turned into the business Ronz World Guitars. Their powers combine to create an opportunity for fans to engage with music and art on another level.

Photo Courtesy of Ronz World Guitars

Join us for a special episode of the #StuffWeLove Podcast where we chat with Squiggy and Ron about their history, how their partnership came to be, and how they are investing in (and growing in love with) the city of Louisville through their relationship with DWP.

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