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One HUGE benefit to living in the Meriwether neighborhood (think the tail end of Germantown) is being within walking distance of Louisville classic walk-up diner, Dairy Kastle. While there are arguably many fine establishments serving top-shelf milkshakes, malts, & chili cheese dogs, this one has my heart…& for more than their amazing ice cream.

It’s easy to love Dairy Kastle for its charm.

The staff keeps a large water bowl full of fresh water outside every day so furry friends who visit with their humans can have some cool refreshment on hot summer days. They even feature the doggy sundae with soft serve ice cream & treats mixed together in a paper dish. It’s precious…& very popular among Louisville canines.

The concrete picnic tables haven’t been painted in a few seasons, but the cracked finish with last night’s fallen sprinkles melted into the gaps is just right. There’s nothing on the menu that isn’t supremely satisfying (full transparency, I don’t like anything malted so I have to trust my brother that it’s good) & all the prices are beautifully affordable for any budget. I don’t even mind that it’s cash-only, even though I never carry cash. If I want Dairy Kastle I’ll drive down to the Chase Bank on Shelby & get cash (which is super out of the way) because it’s worth it.

It’s the only place in town (or anywhere else really) that I’ll happily wait in line, changing my mind about what I want to order a hundred times before coming full circle back to my usual medium orange cow with Sierra Mist & a chili dog with shredded cheese. It’s one of my top three neighborhood happy places & I’m not the only one who feels that way.

But there’s more than meets the eye to this hallmark location for frozen treats.

If you look closely by the order window you’ll see a small black & white printed piece of paper taped to the inside of the glass. It reads: 60% of donations collected are split between Home of the Innocents & The Humane Society. 40% of donations are given to the employees.

generosity, Dairy Kastle, Donation

SIXTY PERCENT of donations, not proceeds, are given to two organizations doing incredible work to better the lives of at risk animals & children in our community. Home of the Innocents & their Open Arms healthcare clinic rely on these annual donations & there is currently a letter from their staff thanking DK for their incredible gift.  This seasonal business is only open for a few months of the year & I used to think that they must make a killing to be able to close down the way they do & keep coming back year after year.

They may be making a killing, but they are also giving the majority of it away.

So, next time you’re having an ice cream craving or need a walking taco to round out your Tuesday, choose the tasty treat that invests in your city. Know that when you hand over that bill, 60% of it goes back into the hands of people (& pets) who need it & smile extra big as you enjoy every bite.

Thank you, Dairy Kastle! We see your generosity…& WE LOVE IT!  You rock!

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